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Rocket Fuel

Rocketfuel is a media company that specializes in optimizing digital marketing performance using demographics, behavioral, and contextual data. We created a space that allowed for the maximum number of desks and meeting room spaces and phone rooms so that Rocketfuel employees could excel at their jobs. Open space was an important feature for the group, who downsized from 100,000 RSF to 40,000 RSF. Acoustics became a large part of making the open spaces functional. Acoustical ceiling tiles were used over the work stations, with recessed linear lighting, this was done to maximize the ceiling heights along the perimeter windows. The main large pantry, which also serves as cafeteria for the employees, features open ceilings with acoustical sprayed ceiling, and pendent lighting. Murals and bright paint were a key feature to keep the look and feel of the space modern and fresh, wall washers were used to highlight the mural in the cafeteria. A multi-purpose room was designed adjacent to the cafeteria for all-hands meetings, it includes a 10’-0” projector screen at one end, and two 50” digital screens for casual meetings, and one 90” digital screen in front of the Ping-Pong table for in-house meetings, and for gaming after hours.


Size: 50,000 SF
Industry: Professional Media Resource Group
Role: Interior Architectural Design