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A.J. Muste Memorial

When it became necessary for the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute to leave their home of nearly 40 years, the not-for-profit organization looked to MDALLP to help design a new space and facilitate the construction process, with a completion date of summer 2016. Inspired by the legacy of A.J. Muste, a labor, civil rights and anti-war leader of the mid-20th century, the Institute furthers the movement for peace and justice by providing support and a home-base location to myriad organizations committed to nonviolent, radical change. This presents a particular challenge in designing a space that honors the history and legacy of both the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute, as well as its many individual activist group partners, while also creating a functional, versatile and efficient space for all to coexist and function within. The windowed office space was divided in such a way as to separate the organizations from each other, but maintain a sense of community with each office having an open front, facing inward to the completely open communal conference and pantry space. Each of the activist offices are large enough to allow for customization within their individual areas to meet their own needs, while also allowing for the Institute to save on construction costs, by use of less built space. A centralized skylight provides light to all within, and particularly at the communal area – a gathering area for social interaction and town hall meetings amongst all members.  With the need to display many relics of their time in the Peace Pentagon, while also allowing for new projects and growth in their new home, MDALLP provided areas at all entrances and communal space to house activist flyers, past and present, and display both the new and the old histories of each organization – giving members additional areas for communication and branding.


Size: 5,300 SF
Role: Interior Architectural Design