Martin Bauer Group’s New 11,460 SF Office and Lab Space in Secaucus, NJ is Complete

Mar 20, 2020 | News

The Martin Bauer Group, a global leader in tea and botanical ingredients, commissioned the architectural and interior designers at Montroy Andersen DeMarco (MADGI) to design their new office in Secaucus, NJ. The 11,460-square-foot space contains various client requirements, including four conference rooms, three private phone rooms, an open-plan workspace, storage, and four labs. The material palette includes a polished concrete floor, stained grey and finished with sealant, and painted stripes in grey and green that unify the collection of rooms. The 3,200-square-foot open office has workstations for 35 employees. Instead of having a separate space for employee breaks, this space contains a “social area” with tables, chairs, and sofas along one side under a row of windows. While the company’s former space was too small to accommodate labs, a component vital to the company’s operations, the new space allows customers to experience their entire list of ingredients to create countless innovative blends. Forty percent of the space is dedicated to distinct labs for mixing, boiling, and tasting tea. A 650-square-foot lab also has a large counter for client meetings and tastings. The mechanical system is each lab is self-contained and features moisture control for quality air control.

Source: AIA NY Oculus Magazine   /    Photos: Peter Dressel/Wilk Marketing Communications