Interior Office and Lab Fitout for Robertet USA Completed

May 17, 2017 | News

Robertet is a producer and distributer of aromatic products, including perfumes, essential oils, cleaning products and flavours for the beverage and food industries.

The project entailed creating a custom, fully functioning lab for new fragrance production and testing.

JRM worked with architecture firm Montroy Andersen DeMarco as well as DLB Associates Mechanical Engineers to complete the space. The lab was outfitted with odor booths with impervious surfaces, perimeter gasketing, and custom ventilation systems for lab work areas and countertops.

In addition, JRM installed a high-density storage system and steel support structure for chemical storage.

Tagwall office fronts and custom column enclosures were added, as well as custom doors and dimmable LED strip lighting.

Finishing touches to the space included a Fantoni ceiling in the conference room and custom designed glass shelving in reception and lab areas.

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